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Changing things

Do you want to make a change to your house, or do yo want the management committee to do something?

We are setting up a system where proposals and requests for grounds or infrastructure work are submitted in writing.

Examples are

any changes that affect the external appearance of the property and therefore require management committee approval

faults in infrastructure such as pavements (most of which are the responsibility of the council), walls, and lighting.

If you have a request please go to the website or email us for the relevant form ☹.

This is a new system aimed at ensuring all requests going forward are dealt with consistently using the same criteria, and we would ask for your patience if it seems unnecessarily bureaucratic.

Management approval of changes will be based on the Covenants which we have all signed up to. We are developing a Plain English Guide to these which will need general shareholder approval and which should make the approval process clearer.

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