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Covenants, the Plain English Guide, and the Survey

If you are looking at this please don't try to make any sense of it! Work in Progress!!

As we said in the Spring newsletter we are working on a Plain English Guide to the covenants which set out the responsibilities of residents, and of the Park Meadow (Hatfield) Management Ltd Company and its directors. The original covenant, or for Freeholders more accurately “the Scheme”, is fairly general, and its language is old fashioned, but its heart is in the right place. It aims to protect the character and value of houses on the estate, and we are all signed up to it through our share ownership.

The next step in this exercise is to find out what areas we think the Guide should cover. Some things are fairly obvious: door colours and satellite dishes for example. Others such as cycling on paths and solar panels are less clear cut. We are this summer conducting a survey which aims to find out which areas shareholders think need to be addressed by the modernised covenant. We would like to present a draft of the Guide at the 2022 AGM prior to seeking more formal shareholder approval. A survey form is included as a separate sheet with the summer newsletter.

The blue bold text is where I intend to put links to the covenant or scheme

What I have so far in red below is the old scheme


and below here is where I'm going to put the Draft Plain English Guide

the guide is only here to show the kind of thing I have in mind!!!!

Park Meadow DRAFT Guide to covenants revs to 15 May 2022
Download ODT • 25KB

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